You will be in good hands with SeaQuell Consulting. 

Our principal has over 20 years of experience with back-office automation in a SQL Server environment. 

With a PMP credential and experience in the Retail Energy Industry, she has seen many complicated billing and enrollment situations. 

Having extensive experience with multiple data feeds and complex billing requirements, SeaQuell Consulting can certainly handle your SQL and reporting needs.

We have experience with SSRS, SQL Server Development, SSIS and Telerik Reporting.  

We also can offer agile process consulting and project management services. 

As a creator of a SaaS back-office system billing millions of dollars in revenue for clients, our principal knows how to structure your database for optimal processing.

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About Us

We strive to help business owners develop a solid framework for dealing with data and specialize in billing and back-office development and automation.


TO provide you the tools you need to process your data and make it work for you.

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